On this site or on the Zibo forum, the link is in the post

How to stop it from opening every time I load the sim?

Where can I find liveries for the Zibo mod?

Очень хороший аэропорт, хорошая работа. Спасибо

Muy buen aeropuerto, buen trabajo. Gracias

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Доброй ночи. Указания авторства достаточно и ссылки на первоисточник достаточно.

Я не спорю, что они не Ваши. Просто не знал как в этом убедиться. По сути, они ни в одном моем проекте не участвовали. В общий доступ от моего имени не уходили. Были добавлены только в один сценарий по личному заказу. Этот сценарий в общий доступ точно не попадет. Завтра я обновлю библиотеку и удалю их из нее. Извините, если вам доставил неприятности. Я не специально. Надеюсь на понимание, и очень не хотел бы, чтобы на меня ругались или обижались. Я делаю свои работы совершенно бесплатно, чтобы дать людям возможность наслаждаться своим увлечением, а не для своей выгоды. Если разрешите их оставить с указанием авторства, тоже буду Вам благодарен. Спасибо за обратную связь

Did you put the whole unzipped 'N250CB - LV' folder in the 'Cessna Citation X' 'liveries' folder?


Это ссылка на орг. Регистрация для скачивания совершенно необязательна. 3Д модель самолета от Vskylabs. Пейнткит для этого самолета делал так же я. Это на счет "возможно моих".


This is a link to org website. Registration for downloading is completely optional. 3D model of an airplane from Vskylabs. I did the same paint kit for this plane. This is about “possibly mine.”

Добрый день! Я прошу прощения. Мне эти ливреи передали специально для сценария 60х годов, который я даже не опубликовывал здесь. Я на орге даже не зарегистрирован. Модель самолета была скачана из совершенно другого ресурса (не относящегося к миру симуляторов). Я ее адаптировал для сценариев с применением возможно "Ваших" ливрей. В следующем обновлении библиотеки - данные ливреи будут удалены. Спасибо за понимание!

Добрый день! Если у Вас не загружается сценарий, пришлите мне полный файл log.txt на почту [email protected]

Хорошая работа. Планируются обновления?

I have bug on wings, some part of wings hollow/ sunlight can go through. Anyone face same problem & any solution on that?

DSF canceled due to missing art assets, file=Custom Scenery/UUDL/Earth nav data/+50+040/+57+040.dsf, err=15 (dsf_ErrCanceled)

Hi, the discord link is invalid, so please send me a available link if you are convenient thanks!

Yeah you are right. I was running reshade also and that is what caused the ctd, didnt mentioned it here since yesterday i found out by trying removing addons. Thank you once again..

Love flying with these scimitars! Are you able to modify this to match the shape of the real 757 winglet? I've found it to be off, and it doesn't look quite right. The real 757 uses just the upper part of a 737NG's scimitar to use as its own, the FF default is much to wide and slanted. Any possibility for an update/fix

Finally a fix for the over exposure in XP12 along with better rain effects and more. Highly recommended download. 5-Satrs Website broken and can't select any stars.

Hi, thank you for your kind words!

I suspect the crash isn't related to the script all by itself, because AFAICT a lua script can't make XP12 to crash. It is possible there is an error with FlyWithLua though, or another plugin might be 'chocking' when trying to do something with private datarefs which are also changed by the script. As a matter of fact, I've been running the current script without any issue with XP12.08r1 (please note it runs but I'm preparing a new version of the script with a few small changes for when 12.08 is officially released)

Буду благодарен, если вы оцените сценарий количеством звезд


I can't quite seem to get this working 100%. It doesn't upload co-ordinates to my gps. Also, it asked me to hover over the scene for 14 seconds and I did for like 2 minutes at different heights, etc and nothing happened.

dawg if you feel that strongly about it why not use actual swear words

Hello! Yes, here is the link https://discord.gg/TCkvM4zU / PLEASE request liveries in my dc

I cant get into discord server... would you mind if i can get access, also requesting Aeromexico Livery, thank you

can somone please send a drive link for the ACF? I dont have XP11 installed...

Can you go back to the standard X-Plane settings?

Amazing script! Cant fly without it. Please due to 12.0.8rc1 update the script doesnt work and it crashes at desktop!

Thank you!

There are other better liveries out there.

love your work, xp & msfs. However, currently this livery is unrecognizableby BetterPushback. It states that it "can't recognize any steerable gear." Other default liveries work so would be awesome if that could be updated at some point? Thanks again for your work.

gonna take a look at this when I get a chance.

The values in the presets.itc files are not changing? Then it is having issues writing to those files.

Anything else different about your X Plane? Is it installed on a separate drive? Are the presets files in the FWL Scripts folder? Running any other lua scripts or add ons?

Best light tweaker for XP12. Just want to have individual option to adjust brightness of RWY lights. Because when I increase global lights, RWY lights increase too, and city lights look like normal, but RWY lights become bigger in size, then it should be


I have the Zibo mod version number in the description, it also shows the 3D rain effect version number. This is done because the 3D rain effect may not need an update every time Zibo releases an aircraft update.

Also, if I put the version number in the filename, people would have to download the file just to see if they have the correct version since all one sees is the download button with my version number being shown.

Well Done, great Work, but please put the Versionnr. into the Zip file Name. THX for sharing the Software.

Awesome liveries, I love the one with the mismatched radome.

thank you,im very appreciated, enjoyy!! (sorry late reply)